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Cooking Traditional Irish Recipes is a great way to connect with your heritage, celebrate Irish culture and history, and enjoy delicious dishes.

Many traditional Irish family meals have been passed down from generation to generation and represent an integral part of the national identity.

From warm soups and potatoes to stews and soups, here are some traditional Irish recipes for you to enjoy.

Below you’ll find several great traditional Irish dishes to make for St. Patrick’s Day!

22+ Easy Traditional Irish Recipes (1)

Irish Stew

A comforting bowl of this Irish Stew is always pleasing; even more so when it’s served with an Indian-style flatbread like naan or chapati, although potatoes work just as well as an accompaniment!

This recipe calls for mutton or lamb stewed until it’s falling off the bone in Guinness beer gravy – perfect for a rainy day!

Be sure to include plenty of carrots, onions, celery root and parsnips for additional depth of flavor.

Corned Beef & Cabbage

The classic dish of is a flavorful combination that has long been popular in Ireland.

The tender beef simmered in a savory broth made with vegetables, spices, beer or wine pairs perfectly with the crunchy cabbage or carrots and potatoes.

This recipe can be cooked on the stovetop, Instant Pot or slow cooker – all three methods yield a hearty dinner that’s full of flavor!


Boxty is one of Ireland’s oldest dishes – it dates back as far as 1845!

It gets its name from bácstaidh which means “poor house bread” in Gaelic -a type of potato pancake made with shredded raw potatoes combined with cooked mashed ones, grated onion and flour before they’re fried up into golden patties.

For a heartier version, serve boxty topped with smoked salmon and other fillings.


Coddle is a simple layered dish traditionally made from pork sausage links and rashers (bacon) amongst diced onions, potatoes and spices; however nowadays there are all kinds of variations on this recipe.

It’s best eaten freshly made but also works great reheated; making it ideal for busy families who want something filling but relatively quick to prepare after school or work hours.

Colcannon Potatoes

No meal would be complete without Colcannon potatoes – easily recognized by its bright green hue due to added kale or cabbage!

Boil up creamy potatoes then mash them while adding elements like sautéed bacon bits, scallions or parsley along with butter or cream cheese before spooning into oven-proof dishes ready for baking.

Serve these spuds up warm alongside whatever main course you’ve picked out ,and you’ll have a restaurant quality meal on your hands – minus the price tag!

22+ Easy Traditional Irish Recipes (2)

More Irish Recipes

More St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

If you like these St. Patrick’s Day recipes, you’ll love these ones too!

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  • Irish Beef Stew– Tender and juicy seasoned beef loaded with a rich and decadent sauce that surrounds the tender beef and all the vegetables.
  • Homemade Shamrock Shakes– Delicious homemade green minty milkshake.
  • Irish Potato Candy– Contrary to the name, these little bite sized sweet treats have no mashed potato in them. That’s right! They get their name because they look like little potatoes.
  • Guinness Bread– This Guinness Bread is the perfect way to start your festivities this year.
  • Green Velvet Cupcakes– If you are looking for a fun St. Patrick’s Day recipe, try these Green Velvet Cupcakes with Baileys Cream Cheese Frosting!
  • Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Buttercream– These are a delicious treat to add to your festivities.
  • Shamrock Shake – This copycat recipe tastese even better than the expensive ones from McDonald’s.

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22+ Easy Traditional Irish Recipes (2024)


What is the most traditional Irish food? ›

Here are the 8 traditional Irish foods you must definitely try:
  • Irish soda bread. Soda bread is loved by a lot of people who try it, and it's easy to know why. ...
  • Smoked Salmon. ...
  • Corned Beef And Cabbage. ...
  • Irish Stew. ...
  • Traditional Irish Breakfast. ...
  • Irish Coffee. ...
  • Irish Brown Bread. ...
  • Potato pancake.
Feb 27, 2023

What was a traditional Irish meal? ›

Shepherd's Pie

A classic found on dinner tables throughout Ireland, shepherd's pie combines beef and vegetables in a crust of mashed potatoes. It's a traditional Irish food that gathers distinctly Irish ingredients in a single dish. And it can even be made with a plant-based twist in this vegan shepherd's pie recipe!

What is the national dish of Ireland? ›

The National Dishes of Ireland

Irish Stew is a thick, hearty dish of mutton, potatoes, and onions and undisputedly the national dish of Ireland.

What is a stereotypical Irish meal? ›

Representative dishes include Irish stew, bacon and cabbage, boxty, brown bread (as it is referred to in the South) or soda bread (predominantly used in Ulster), coddle, and colcannon.

What is the most eaten vegetable in Ireland? ›

THIS is officially Ireland's favourite vegetable. You may be surprised to hear that the carrot has been victorious in claiming the title of Ireland's favourite vegetable, even though you thought it might have been the potato!

What is Ireland's favorite meal? ›

Colcannon has been a favourite comfort food in Ireland for some time and is something that the nation prides itself on inventing. The ingredients of traditional Irish colcannon are mashed 'floury' potatoes, kale, butter and milk.

What are 3 traditional foods in Ireland? ›

  • Irish stew: mutton, carrots, onions and potatoes.
  • Boiled bacon and cabbage: boiled bacon, and fried cabbage; also usually onions and potatoes, and occasionally a white sauce if you're fancying it up a bit.
  • Colcannon: Mashed potaoes and leftover cabbage, with lots of butter.
Dec 23, 2022

What are the 14 most well known Irish main dishes? ›

  • Beef and guinness pie. [Beef and guinness pie] ...
  • Shepherd's pie. Shepherd's pie. ...
  • Boxty. Boxty. ...
  • Irish stew. Irish stew. ...
  • Irish soda bread rolls. Irish soda bread rolls. ...
  • Potato and leek soup. Creamy potato and leek soup.
  • Smoked cod and cheddar pie. Smoked cod and cheddar pie.
  • Slow-cooked lamb shank pie. Slow-cooked lamb shank pie.
Mar 15, 2022

What did Irish peasants eat? ›

The pre Famine peasant diet abundant in simple fares such as potatoes, buttermilk, vegetables, milk and fish kept the rural poor of Ireland much healthier than their urban counterparts.

What kind of bread do the Irish eat? ›

Irish soda bread is prepared without yeast. Traditionally it has just four ingredients: flour, baking soda, salt, and buttermilk. The baking soda and buttermilk react to cause the dough to rise. In Ireland, soda bread is often made from stone-ground whole-wheat flour, though white flour versions are available.

What do Irish eat for breakfast? ›

Full Irish Breakfast

There's typically eggs, sausage, hash browns, beans, and roasted tomatoes. You may also find slices of Irish soda bread.

What kind of meat do they eat in Ireland? ›

Meat in Ireland Food

Pork tops the list of Irish food. Mutton or lamb is also popular. Coddle is one unique Irish dish you may have never heard of. It is pork sausage, back bacon, potatoes and onions.

What is the best food to eat in Ireland? ›

  1. 31 Irish Food and Drink You Must Try. Rabbie. ...
  2. Colcannon. cookieandkate. ...
  3. Champ. Potatoes are still a staple in the Irish diet. ...
  4. Irish Stew. simplyrecipesVerified. ...
  5. Lamb. Ireland is full of lush green pastures which are perfect for sheep-breeding. ...
  6. Full Irish Breakfast. ...
  7. Potato Farl/Potato Cake/Potato Bread. ...
  8. Black and White Pudding.
Sep 25, 2019

What are 5 common ingredients in Irish cuisine? ›

Dining at the Irish table: your guide to Irish flavours
  • Pork, beef and lamb. Pork-based products have long had a special place in the Irish diet, from the classic bacon and cabbage to the great breakfast fry. ...
  • Cheese and dairy. ...
  • Irish bread and baked treats. ...
  • Seaweed.

What does an Irish breakfast look like? ›

A traditional full Irish breakfast comprises bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, beans, soda bread or toast, tomatoes, mushrooms, and white or black pudding.

What is a full Irish breakfast? ›

A traditional full Irish breakfast comprises bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, beans, soda bread or toast, tomatoes, mushrooms, and white or black pudding. For those wondering, black pudding coagulates the pig's blood into a sausage form. The white pudding is simply a pork sausage, usually flat.

What is Ireland's national drink? ›

Over the last three centuries, Guinness has become a legendary part of Irish culture, celebrated as Ireland's national drink. And with over 8,000 years still left on the original St. James Gate brewery lease, there's still a lot more of 'the black stuff' to make and enjoy.

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